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Life is either a great adventure or nothing ~Helen Keller~ So, I will keep going 🚶🏼



Safety First

I suppose everyone know that no matter travel alone or with group, safety is more important than anything.

Why do i say that?? 

Was chatting with my friend regarding my not so recent europe trip.  One week after my return (to home) from Athens, riots occured and chaos everywhere.

Really THANK GOD for sending me home earlier….

Do not forget to register with your country mission or embassy while you are going to travel abroad.  In case of any emergency matters happened, this is to ensure that you are contactable.

Picturesque Santorini: Drinks

After making through our way to Port of Fira, we took a coffee break by trying out the popular drink among the local: Frappe. 




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Picturesque Santorini

As you may wonder how come i’ve always described Santorini as picturesque.  It is because no matter where or which angle that you take photos at, it is photogenic.  Photo will tell its story.  

Just like this one 🙂

Taken from our room @ San Giorgio Villas.


Should you think otherwise, pls let me know. Comments are always welcome.

PS.  I suppose will write as much as possible for this scenic island as  i found that the information for Santorini are scattered around while researching/planning.  I’ve checked through many many websites in order to consolidate.  Hope this can help you plan more before going ya…

Picturesque Santorini: Nikolas Restaurant

It’s getting darker and colder… Eww… Stomach started to “conduct orchestra”.  Time for dinner. 

While i was doing my research, many tourists recommended this restaurant for its reasonable, delicious and fresh food.   Besides, George also recommended this restaurant as well 🙂 so we decided to have our dinner there.

However, we had no idea where the restaurant is thus started to ask around.  We managed to find at LAST (actually it just located behind GOODY’S fast food restaurant. Just walked up a small lane of flight and turn right. If i remember correctly :p)


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Picturesque Santorini_Port of Fira

On our 1st day at Santorini, George (owner of San Giorgio Villas) recommended us to walk down to the port to enjoy the scenery or maybe we can book the cruise to Nea Kameni (Volcano Island).  There are two ways to get down & up the port by either donkeys or cable car.  He suggested to take a cable (Eur4 per trip) down & donkey up (Euro 5 per trip).

Main Area in Fira

However, we are too engrossed taking pictures and wandering around. Missed the way to the cable car 😦 

So we followed the stairs down to the port.  Taking 597 steps down.. OMG!!!


Scenery is great but suddenly there’s a unpleasant smell. First reaction is to check around…

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Picturesque Santorini_Ancient Thira

Visiting ancient thira is not in my planned itinerary.
However, this place is strongly recommended by 2 friendly Amercian ladies who stayed in the same villa as ours.

So we decided to make a trip there after renting a car.

Ancient City_Visiting Time
Please note that this place is closed on Monday 🙂 
I suppose the early closure is due to safety reason and its location (hillltop). 

 Strong winds kept blowing at us while making our way up.  We also need to cover our ears to ease the slight pain caused by the strong winds.  I always lose balance.  Besides, I’ve to be very careful while walking as there’s no barrier!!!! at side.   A mistake can be deadly.  No kidding!!!  even when we drove up (one lane up & down).  A lot of climbing before reaching the actual site.  Prayers are chanted as well… ohm~~~

Introduction to Ancient Thira
Ancient Thera aka Ancient Thira, the Classical city of the island is located on Mesa Vouno, 396 m. above sea level. It was founded in the 9th century B.C. by Dorian colonists whose leader was Theras, and continued to be inhabited until the early Byzantine period. The preserved ruins belong to the Hellenistic and Roman phases of the city. The residential area and the larger part of the cemeteries were excavated by German archaeologists between 1895 and 1902. The cemeteries on the NE and NW slopes of Sellada were excavated by N. Zapheiropoulos in the years 1961-1982.

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Picturesque Santorini_Firostefani Sunset

Apart from Oia, there’s another good and recommended spot to watch sunset which is Fira , the capital of Santorini aka Thira or Thera OR Firostefani.   The stunning caldera view from Fira are unparalleled.  


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Picturesque Santorini_Oia Sunset

Santorini is located in the centre of Aegan sea (爱琴海). It is a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands. It is famous for dramatic views, stunning sunsets.

Manys may feel sentimental towards sunset. But there’s no time for me at Oia (pronouced as “ee-ah”).    Oia is popular for its postcard sunset.   It often appears in most scenaries found in the travel book on Santorini.

Sunset is so beautiful & breath-taking…that i quickly capture into my memory as well as my camera memory card.

Oia Beautiful Sunset

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suppose to drop by Mykonos (pronunced as “Mi-Ko-nos”) from Santorini.

However, found out recently tt can’t go there and back within a day. Stayover is required. Guess like we hve to forgo this place as our schedule not permitted. sigh… too bad… wanna check out the gay beach 😀

Anyway, perhaps next time (God will know when)

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