TRAVEL is addictive.

Life is either a great adventure or nothing ~Helen Keller~ So, I will keep going 🚶🏼



Israel – Adventurous Jeep Ride

After our wonderful lunch at the Ein Gev Fish Restaurant, we are heading next to our long-waited jeep tour!!

This is my very first experience on a jeep! So excited~

Our jeep tour guide, Yishay Yechieli, came to pick us up at the restaurant. And, the fun-filled adventure ride began. Let’s go~~!!

Yishay took us to the Jordan Valley which forms part of the larger Jordan Rift Valley.  It runs from Lake Tiberias to Dead Sea and the border between Israel, Jordan and West Bank.  To enjoy such a scenic view, one of the best way is to jump onto a jeep :D. 

Dead Sea in Israel

We are heading to the DEAD SEA

Right! The only sea on earth where you can not get yourself drown..
At most, just gulp mouthful of water.

We are now at sea level! Moving forward slowly~~

What’s so amazing about DEAD SEA?

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth in any land mass (417 meters below sea level). It is 67 kilometres (42 mi) long and 18 kilometres (11 mi) wide at its widest point. The quantity of water that evaporates from it is greater than that which flows into it, such that this body of water has the highest concentration of salt in the world (340 grams per liter of water).

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Lunch at Ein Gev Fish Restaurant

We are hungry~ *Stomach is going to start its orchestra*

So, we are heading to Ein Gev Fish Restaurant for our lunch.
Yeah! I heard that their charcoal-grilled St. Peter fish is a must-try signature dish.

We are welcome by the scenic, breath-taking view of the Sea of Galilee with its glittering crystal blue water.
It captivate my eyes and I would not want to blink hard to miss it.

This beautiful lake also offer people to do water activities.
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