TRAVEL is addictive.

Life is either a great adventure or nothing ~Helen Keller~ So, I will keep going 🚶🏼



Andong: Jinrye Artist Colony

If anyone to say a place 鸟不生蛋, I don’t think it is really like that compared to what i’ve experienced before.

Why do i say it?  Well… I’ve a one night experience at Jinrye Artist Colony before.  This place is REALLY  鸟不生蛋, 与世隔绝。。 (located at a secluded and high up in the middle of the hill).  Continue reading “Andong: Jinrye Artist Colony”


The urge of writing come by when I’m watching a Korean Variety Show: FAMILY.  In this variety show, they will have 2 special guests every 2 weeks.  The whole MC team will look after the house for a family while they go away for holiday. During their attending, they will play games and do the chores which informed by the owner.

Recently, I’m totally craze about a korean drama: You’re Beautiful features Jang Guek Suk, Jang Yeong Hwa, Lee Hong Ki and Park Shin Hye.  (This is a MUST watch drama if u love korean drama.)  Continue reading “Andong”

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