Visiting ancient thira is not in my planned itinerary.
However, this place is strongly recommended by 2 friendly Amercian ladies who stayed in the same villa as ours.

So we decided to make a trip there after renting a car.

Ancient City_Visiting Time
Please note that this place is closed on Monday 🙂 
I suppose the early closure is due to safety reason and its location (hillltop). 

 Strong winds kept blowing at us while making our way up.  We also need to cover our ears to ease the slight pain caused by the strong winds.  I always lose balance.  Besides, I’ve to be very careful while walking as there’s no barrier!!!! at side.   A mistake can be deadly.  No kidding!!!  even when we drove up (one lane up & down).  A lot of climbing before reaching the actual site.  Prayers are chanted as well… ohm~~~

Introduction to Ancient Thira
Ancient Thera aka Ancient Thira, the Classical city of the island is located on Mesa Vouno, 396 m. above sea level. It was founded in the 9th century B.C. by Dorian colonists whose leader was Theras, and continued to be inhabited until the early Byzantine period. The preserved ruins belong to the Hellenistic and Roman phases of the city. The residential area and the larger part of the cemeteries were excavated by German archaeologists between 1895 and 1902. The cemeteries on the NE and NW slopes of Sellada were excavated by N. Zapheiropoulos in the years 1961-1982.

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