TRAVEL is addictive.

Life is either a great adventure or nothing ~Helen Keller~ So, I will keep going šŸš¶šŸ¼

Tree Top Walk @ MacRitchie Reservoir

We started off with a cooling, sunny weather despite it’s the changing season to wet and rainy season.

At about one hour walk of 2.5km from the carpark at Venus Drive. We finally made it to the Tree Top Walk. Ā From here, we have the bird’s eye view of the whole forest.

Be prepared to be embraced by the nature. Filled with Lots of greenery and pythoncidere, which calm our stressful mind. Relax and feel the love from mother nature.


We have completed about 7km trail within 3 hours. Amazing! After calories burning session, we heading to the Roti Prata House for some really sinful food to restore calories :p

These two dishes are the recommended one – Maggie Goreng and Bomb Cheese. But personally prefer the Maggie Goreng. It is something that I have yet to come across at other Indian Eatery. Too bad they don’t serve masala tea Ā and even on special request šŸ˜¦



Tree Top Walk is one of the recommended trail in MacRitchie. It is a free-standing (one way direction) suspension bridge, with 25m tall which connects the two highest points (Bukit Pierce and Bukit Kalang). Total length is about 250m.

Opening Hours for the walk:
Tue – Fri: 9am to 5pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: 8.30am to 5pm.
Closed on Monday.

Entrance free!

Happy Hiking!


Israel – Adventurous Jeep Ride

After our wonderful lunch at the Ein Gev Fish Restaurant, we are heading next to our long-waited jeep tour!!

This is my very first experience on a jeep! So excited~

Our jeep tour guide, Yishay Yechieli, came to pick us up at the restaurant. And, the fun-filled adventure ride began. Let’s go~~!!

Yishay took us to the Jordan Valley which forms part of the larger Jordan Rift Valley. Ā It runs from Lake Tiberias to Dead Sea and the border between Israel, Jordan and West Bank. Ā To enjoy such a scenic view, one of the best way is to jump onto a jeep :D.Ā 


I love sunset ā¤

Sunset always give out vibrant colors just like sending a message – a day has ended with colors and a lesson / experience learnt. I feel peaceful and blessed while watching it.

So, I like to take a moment off my pace to look at it. Life is meant to be lived in our fullest and be happy.


Israel – Waiting to be explore

During my sharing, I realised that many thought that Israel is aĀ religiousĀ place for Christianity and thought that I was there for missionary trip. Emm… Sorry… I’m not.

And, I’mĀ going to share with you on this promised land aka Israel.

She bordersĀ LebanonĀ in the north,Ā SyriaĀ in theĀ north-east,Ā Jordan in the east,Ā EgyptĀ and theĀ Gaza Strip in the southwest, and theĀ Gulf of AqabaĀ in theĀ Red SeaĀ to the south. Ā It contains geographically diverse features within its relatively small area. Ā Driving from North to South will take no more than 5 hours. Ā If you look at the map, she is long and slim.

Actually, I do not want to touch on the economy but I think a short one will let people have a rough idea?

SheĀ is aĀ developed country, a OECDĀ member, and itsĀ economy, based on the nominal gross domestic product, was theĀ 40th-largestĀ in the world in 2011. Ā Surprise? Surprises?

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This is especially for Keren-Or –Ā is a student from Technion who is in her early twenties. Ā Though she is young in age, she’s mature, responsible, smart and brave!

I knew her through my travel blogger friend, Eunice as we were planning for our Israel trip.

Initially we were just asking for suggestion but what amazed us is that, she has actually planned a very detailed itinerary Ā for us within two months.! Ā Keren-Or wanted us to enjoy Israel as well as to see the best of Israel.

Not only this, she came all the way from her hometown, Nahariya (northern city of Israel) to fetch us from the airport. Ā She waited for us for more than two hours due to slight delay of our flight and long queues at the Customs and Immigration.

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