In term of having a healthy lifestyle, a good diet alone is not enough. It shall include exercises, especially after the eating season. Oh.. Emm.. I mean festive season.

So, I started off my first run of the year with Safari Zoo Run, in the memory of Ah Meng. In case you have no idea who is Ah Meng, check it out.


Let’s get FUN running. That’s the purpose of this Fun Run by gather everyone, old or young. 6km might seems short distance but it’s challenging to me. Imagine you have to watch out for prams and kids too.

It was a sunny day.

Animals perhaps feel warm too, to move around.

Especially the Lion King.

Does he looks like a stuff toy?
Careful, this bites.

Nothing is more meaningful this.


Lastly, Meet meerkat. Lazing comfortably while I was sweating.
Anyway, it’s fun running in the zoo.