Going on a package tour to Europe did not come across to my mind as I always like to go free and easy backpacking there.

However, this trip to Finland has changed my thinking. Reason being is the harsh weather and transport. Winter is always cold, snowing. Besides, it will be difficult to take public transport. Not to mention that I do not drive. It is not encourage to drive in harsh weather too since we are not familiar with the road and weather conditions.

So, I began my Journey to arctic with my friend, Kris and her daughter, Deondra.


It was snowing when we touched down in Helsinki for transit to Oulu, northern Scandinavia capital. The average temperature here is -20 deg. A 15 minutes walk through a park almost froze me to ice cube. Luckily, I was very prepared. Thanks to Kris, Lss @ Inkris Nail.

Do stay tuned for more update πŸ™‚