If anyone to say a place 鸟不生蛋, I don’t think it is really like that compared to what i’ve experienced before.

Why do i say it?  Well… I’ve a one night experience at Jinrye Artist Colony before.  This place is REALLY  鸟不生蛋, 与世隔绝。。 (located at a secluded and high up in the middle of the hill). 

I’ve nothing against this place but I’m a city girl.   Hope you understand what i mean right?  Heehee~~~

Jinrye Artist Colony

This was taken in the morning before leaving for town to look for another nite of accommodation.  According to the owner, this place is already more than 400 years old.  The place is even bigger in the past but was burnt down in a fire many many years ago. 

Should you wanna to escape to a place where no one can find you, try here or to have different kind of experience.  Really an unforgettable experience..